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     Are you curious about French heritage?  If you are, you’ve found the right website!

Let me guide you as you explore Southern France. 

You choose how you want to do it.  Be guided around just one site or tour the region.  One day, or more...

On foot, by bike, by car - you can even be chauffeured! 

Flying solo, or two-by-two…groups, families, friends...  Let me help you get to know my culture and heritage in this beautiful region. 

     Take the hassle out of sightseeing!  Relax and enjoy it and let me do the work.



Who am I ?

I was born in the French Alps, but have lived in several parts of France. 

Since I was 14, I have regularly visited the UK, particularly Scotland, for study and work.

After a summer job as a guide in the medieval city of Carcassonne (UNESCO), I was utterly seduced: I had to become a guide! And in 2009, I got the University degree “Licensed Tour Guide”.

Right from the beginning, I chose to work freelance: I was longing to be free to work in various cities and sites!

I am particularly fond of subjects like the Middle-Ages, the Cathares (“heretics” from the Middle-Ages), religious or civilian architecture, the Canal du Midi (UNESCO)… Among others!

All the moves and changes in my life have given me the passion for cultural discovery and new encounters; a passion that I long to pass on!

Now it’s my turn to introduce others to the beauties of my country… always with a smile!



Tailor-made trips and guided tours

Together we can create a program of your own: it will be adapted to where you stay, what you feel like doing, what your centre of interest is… still, here are some nice ideas!


     - Lunch: if the weather is nice, I can organise a PIC-NIC with buckets supplied by local producers (good food!)

     - We can also TASTE THE LOCAL WINES at one of my winemaker friends.

Guide-Conférencier du Pays Cathare


Guide-Interprète National, français-anglais


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